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Kate Hartman
About Kate Hartman
Co-Owner, Kate Hartman is a licensed Civil Engineer whose love for design and experience with personal home renovations led to her career in interiors. Her addiction to construction and detail oriented mindset made creating spaces for clients an obvious fit.
About Kelly Petro Neely
Co-Owner, Kelly Petro Neely graduated from The University of Alabama with an interior design degree in 2012. From a young age, she had a passion for all types of design and was always intrigued by combining elements of design and style, especially as it pertained to interiors. Weekly family gatherings in the home taught her the importance of  function in design and that a home should reflect the style and lives of those who live in it.
Kelly Petro Neely
Sarah Bryant
About Sarah Bryant
Sarah Bryant joined Chickadee in 2013. From part time sales associate to store manager, she has always been a valuable asset to the team.  Sarah has a knack for helping customers find the perfect item for their home or gift for a friend while seamlessly keeping track of interiors projects and managing the day to day responsibilities of the shop.